Come celebrate a love of all things rabbits!

Bunnyfest 2019 is coming up on September 29, 2019, please join us!


San Diego Bunnyfest is the annual open air festival and fundraiser hosted by the San Diego House Rabbit Society in Balboa Park. Activities include a bunny agility demonstration, bunny photo booth, bunny grooming services, games played by bunnies, mini educational lectures, veterinary info booths, silent auction, children’s activity area and 35 to 40 vendors selling bunny-themed merchandise & services. All proceeds benefit the rescue and adoption of abandoned domestic rabbits, provision of urgent medical care to rabbits, minimization of costs for spaying & neutering and community education. For more information, please click on the Event link at the top of this page.

About Us:

San Diego House Rabbit Society is a volunteer driven , non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue, spay/neuter and adoption of companion rabbits in San Diego and Riverside counties. We have supported local shelters and our community for over 25 years.


What We Do:

  • Rescue abandoned domestic rabbits, spay/neuter and adopt them to loving homes

  • Provide services to the rabbit public through our adoption center and bunny store

  • Support local shelters and human societies with spay/neuter services for rabbits

  • Provide medical care for shelter rabbits that is beyond the capability of that shelter's medical facility

  • Assists shelters by taking in rabbits for fostering when the rabbit has a medical or behavioral problem not able to be managed by the shelter

  • Provide equipment and supplies to shelters not having the funding to adequately provide for their rabbits' needs

  • Partners with local shelters and humane societies to promote rabbits for adoption and to educate the community about responsible rabbit care

  • Support the general community through our hotline, Bunny Supply Store, and educational seminars to help them care for their rabbit companion

  • Provide referrals to lower cost spay/neuter services and provide a financial incentive to individuals getting their rabbits altered

  • Provide a rabbit community environment of social activities and volunteer opportunities for those interested in rabbits as indoor family companions